Premear Ropeway Construction Company

Rope Suspenses Bridges

    A rope suspension bridge ropeway is a type of transportation system that uses ropes, cables, and suspension structures to create a suspended bridge for the purpose of transporting people, goods, or materials across challenging terrains such as rivers, valleys, or mountainous regions. This type of ropeway is often employed in areas where traditional bridges or roads are impractical or too expensive to build.
    The primary load-bearing elements of the ropeway are the main ropes and cables. These robust and durable components are typically made of high-strength materials like steel, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and environmental stresses.The suspension bridges connect the main cables to the ground and serve as the platform for transportation. They are typically constructed using steel or other sturdy materials and are designed to handle the loads transferred from the cables.
    Suspension bridges are constructed at the ends of the ropeway to connect the cables to the ground. The design and construction of these bridges are crucial for distributing loads and ensuring safety.Before installation, a thorough site survey is conducted to assess the terrain, environmental conditions, and the required span of the ropeway. Detailed planning is then undertaken to determine tower locations, cable lengths, and other critical parameters.