About Us

     It is the great pleasure to us to introduce ourselves as a premier Ropeway Construction Company in India in the Name and style of J. S. MOHAR CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT. LTD. for more than 35 years. We are involved in almost all the ropeway projects in different parts in India with our well-equipped and experienced team. Our team is truly dedicated to deliver a high quality, sustainable and innovative solutions for Ropeway. As a Ropeway Construction Company we also recognize that Ropeway is not only means of transportation from valley to the hills. We used to construct Ropeway in unique and carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of our clients.
     We are honored in our ability to design and build customized Ropeways while providing safe and reliable Transportation for passengers and cargo. Our commitment of excellence for passengers and cargo Ropeways are spread in all over India at Various states. We always stand straight with our highest quality of services and products to our clients. We are involved in almost all major Ropeway project in India with reputation for quality, innovation and customer’s high satisfactions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to stay at the forefront of Technology and Innovation to ensure that we are in a Continuous process to provide the highest quality of services and products to our clients.
     We the team of J.S.M. is always marching forward with our sincere, honest and result oriented Technologies. We are forwarding in combination of Knowledge, Experience with international Companies like BRECO, PHB & Indian Companies like CCI, PWD, CSPDCL, UltraTech, ACC, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd, Usha Martin Limited, Usha Breco, Damodar Ropeway, G.P.T Group, Sunil Kumar Agarwal, Empyrean Skyview Projects Pvt. Ltd and many more. We have successfully installed numerous passengers, commercial and industrial ropeway across India. Our team of Ropeway Professional Engineers are highly skilled, experienced and professional. We are committed to deliver high quality and safety in every aspect of our Ropeway Construction projects, from design and engineering to installation and on-going maintenance. Our expert team always work closely with clients to ensure their specific needs and requirement to the highest standard of excellence.

Mr. Jasbir Singh, (Our esteemed C.E.O & Managing Director)

He is highly accomplished and renowned figure in the Ropeway Industry with over 35 Years’ experience. His journey from the beginning is not only inspirational but also motivational to anyone who wants to do something different in life. He has started his carrier as a helper under a contractor in the Year 1962 with an American company named Interstate, Tram system Ropeway in Dhanbad Coalfields area with his extraordinary skill, hard work and sincerity he managed to get a job at IISCO in the year 1964, where he got a chance to work in Asian first longest Ropeway, spanning a total length of 54km. With his outstanding performance he was promoted as a foreman continuing his excellent and impressive work in the field. He gained popularity in Ropeway private sector in the year 1983. Now he has decided to quit his job and to started his own firm. From then and on date his knowledge and experience made him a honorable figure in the Ropeway Industry. Our team feels proud to work under his excellent guidance.

Mr. Sandip Singh (Director)

Mr. Sandip Singh is the Director at J. S. MOHAR CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT. LTD. Mr. Sandip Singh joined this company in the year 2010 under excellent leadsship of his father. Now he gained adequate knowledge and experience. Since then under the guidance of J. S. MOHAR CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT. LTD. He is dedicated to the experience of modern Ropeway engineering. He is marching forward with his excellent devotion in the field of Ropeway industry.
Our young director introduces many modern European Tools & Tackles which are limited in India. With the knowledge, Experience, Foresight and leadership he will reach at the highest peak of the Ropeway Industry.